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Wise Light Women : A conversation with Anna Guest-Jelley

Posted on November 14, 2013

You're invited!

A live conversationwith Anna Guest-Jelley founder of Curvy Yoga about body lovin', yoga as a path to acceptance, and getting out of dieting and into loving!

Anna is one of my very favorite teachers! I am so grateful that I leapt out on a limb and sent her an email in early 2012 to say: hey. I like you. I want me some of what you got. I first learned of Anna via her blog and found myself laughing out loud at her observations on life, yoga, and our (curvy and non-curvy alike!) bodies. I was inspired to connect with her,  knowing that her energy and teachings were something I wanted to share with women through my practice. So began my journey of becoming certified to teach Curvy Yoga, while also getting some amazing business coaching along the way. Anna was my teacher, coach, mentor and inspiration for 6-months while I built my biz and peeled back all the layers of what it means to be an etrepreneur and Curvy Yoga teacher. oy! Now I like to call her friend (and virtual dance party partner!). Thank you Anna!

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Sharing her with you

If you haven't had the pleasure of knowing her work, I want to invite you into a live conversation on Wednesday 11/20 where we'll talk about body lovin', yoga as a path to acceptance, and getting out of the dieting mentality! Wise Light Women : A Conversation is a series of live webcast conversations with wise and inspiring women.

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Submitted by Anne Campion (Y... (not verified) on

Any way this call be recorded with a possibility to listen to it later? I live in Australia and it will be 2:30am for me in Darwin, Australia. It would be great!
Thank you in advance, Anne

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