Be Wise + Feel Light + Be Well

for women who want to stop dieting + start loving
holistic business coaching

Are you a health coach just getting started, or ready to launch a new phase of your business? Maybe you're a different wellness practitioner - yoga teacher, massage therapist, reiki master, or the like? I save space in my schedule for a few select women who are starting or building holistic healing businesses - so I can teach you the tips, tricks, and tested measures that will let you bring your light to the world!


Maybe you need support getting your business going. Or, you already have it started and need to know how to move forward. Are you feeling the fear and overwhelm that are part of owning a business? Yes - we all feel fear and overwhelm at certain points! The key is to turning that energy into action.

Let's connect! Set up a time for us to talk about you and your dream business!

I can help you move through the fear and into action. Working with me you will:

  • Get really clear on your vision for your business. Clarity is key.
  • Learn to turn off the 'noise' that surrounds so you can tune into YOUR purpose.
  • Gain practical insights into what is keeping you stuck - and learn ways to move.
  • Learn steps you need to have in place for a strong foundation in your business.
  • Implement self-care practices as part of your daily routine - you ARE your biz!


"Hilary helped bring my ideas into life! When I started working with Hilary I knew what I wanted my business to look like, but was not sure where to begin or how to get there. We worked together to forge a plan that would put me on the path for success. Hilary's open, caring, supportive, and straight forward energy gave me the courage to move forward when I was feeling stuck or afraid. Because of Hilary I was able to move through these places and launch the business I envisioned - with confidence. I would recommend Hilary's holistic business coaching to women who want to grow their businesses in a compassionate, confident, and clear-minded way. She absolutely ROCKS!" Rachel Carr, RYT at


Let's connect! Set up a time for us to talk about you and your dream business!